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As a team we can make a difference in the lives of many individuals.  Here at SwimPossible we want to make a difference to our community and to our families.  We are so honored to have been accepted as experts in providing your special children with water safety lessons and stroke development.  NOW we want to take it to the next level by providing them with the opportunity to compete with others and show off what they have worked so hard to accomplish.  

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SwimPossible Challengers

swimming should be fun, centering, and positive!​

We believe swimming is all about joy, so we strive to make swimming fun. A love of swimming provides students with an endless source of enjoyment throughout their lives as well as fitness and confidence - in and out of the water!

swimming and water safety skills are essential for everyone.

Drowning is a silent event that can happen to even experienced swimmers. Especially here in Minnesota where we are surrounded by lakes and rivers - water safety is a must! We teach swimmers and their entire families water safety skills that will help in the case of an accidental water entry or water emergency. We also provide swimmers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with water rescue equipment. 

swim team experience opportunities for all

Everyone should be afforded equal opportunities to experience competition, from stroke development to growth in confidence, we strive to meet everyone where they are at and help them excel. 

“Teaching safety, confidence, and love for the water with adaptive programming for all.”

SwimPossible Challengers Mission


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